A press conference organized by Porsche in Hockenheim allowed to know the detail of the mechanical problems that the cars were suffering from. 


1) Transmission of the 908 of Kaushen-Lins at Le Mans - 2) Rulemanes of wheel at Le Mans - 3) and 3') light steel Gears with several broken gearings. Problems of the 908 in Daytona - 4) Gearbox of the 908 of Mitter-Schutz in Monza - 5) Directional bar of the 908 of Mitter-Schutz in the Targa - 6) Oil lines of the 908 of Siffert- Redman in Le Mans - 7) Gearbox of the 908 of Lins-Larrousse in the Targa - 8) Clutch of the 917 of Stommelen-Ahrens in Le Mans